A Chiropractor Can Help With Disc Herniation

Dr. Sayel Fakhoury here. I want to help you with the pain and problems that you might have with disc herniation.

There are many symptoms that you might experience with disc problems, including pain, numbness, tingling and other sensations. You may also have problems moving around the way that you would like to.

Disc herniation can be serious, whether you are young or old, and should be treated in the most effective way possible.

Traditional medicine may take months to simply find the problem, resulting in costly doctor’s office visits and expensive testing. After the disc herniation is located, you may be treated with medication and possibly face surgery, but these methods will not always be effective.

If regular treatments are not working for you any longer, or if you would rather not deal with surgery at all, you may need a new plan of action. In my practice, conveniently located at 18399 Ventura Blvd.,, I will help you to work toward greater relief from the pain and other symptoms of disc herniation. While I will help you with manipulations and soft tissue massage, you will also have your own work to do using special exercises and techniques, so that together your disc herniation can be taken care of.

Don’t waste another minute with pain or immobility. Contact me, Dr. Sayel Fakhoury, for an appointment.

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