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Millions of Americans live with unmanageable pain that prevents them from performing daily tasks. Whether they have an injury, arthritis, or a pulmonary disease, many of them don’t know that their pain can be solved through a regimen of physical therapy. An expert in the field, Sayel Fakhoury, DC, at Gentle Touch Chiropractic in Tarzana, California, has the chiropractic expertise you need to assess your pain and provide you with relief. He also sees patients from Woodland Hills, Encino, Sherman Oaks, Reseda, and Van Nuys.

Physical Therapy Q & A

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What is physical therapy?

When pain or other health problems make it difficult for you to perform daily tasks, physical therapy can help by improving your physical function and making you more fit. Physical therapy can help anyone experiencing pain, from the person who is having difficulty getting in and out of bed to someone who has recently suffered an injury. Even those with arthritis or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease can use physical therapy to manage their symptoms.

Physical therapy involves a series of stretches, core exercises, weight lifting, and walking exercises meant to target the affected area of the body. When you work with Dr. Sal, he will create an exercise plan tailored to your condition, and he may tell you to perform this regimen regularly. If these exercises bother you because they cause soreness or swelling, you should consult with him to get the problem corrected.

How do I know I need physical therapy?

Whenever you have extreme pain in your joints or ligaments, your range of motion is limited, or you need to regain physical function of a part of your body, physical therapy may be an option. Of course, the only way to know for sure is to visit a medical professional, such as Dr. Sal, who can diagnose and treat your symptoms.

After taking your medical history and performing a physical examination, Dr. Sal will determine if physical therapy is the right course of action for you depending on your symptoms. He may order tests such as an X-ray or MRI if he needs more information.

How can physical therapy relieve pain?

Physical therapy treats pain at its source, strengthening areas of your body that are stiff, weak, or causing stress to other parts of your body. Dr. Sal will help you to perform a series of exercises targeting these areas to reduce pain and improve mobility.

Dr. Sal may aid you in performing exercises, such as:

  • Low-impact aerobic training
  • Strengthening exercises
  • Pain-relief exercises
  • Stretching

You may practice these exercises at Gentle Touch Chiropractic, but Dr. Sal may also ask you to do them at home. Dedicate yourself to consistently performing your physical therapy tasks as they are prescribed to achieve the best results possible.

Don’t live with pain. Instead, use physical therapy as a tool to make your life manageable again at Gentle Touch Chiropractic.

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